Carey MacArthur


Carey MacArthur


Portrait Philosophy

A meditation on the play of light and shadows, photography is, for me, a joyful, mysterious and mystical experience.  With my portrait work, I'm attempting to capture my subjects in a moment of truthful reflection.  I think everyone possesses a natural beauty.  I'm interested in how light, gesture, style, grace and color interplay to expose a person's truth. 

Portrait Experience

A camera is a powerful tool for connection.  A portrait can be like an interview, a conversation, a way of exchanging ideas. It's a method to study a subject and observe what they do and how they move.  I feel my best photographs are achieved through making a genuine connection with my subjects.  A portrait session with me feels primarily like hanging out and getting to know one another.  I keep the vibe relaxed and try to make you feel at home.

Studio Visits

It is one of my greatest pleasures to learn about an artist's craft, document their process and share the images with the world. If you are an artist or maker, I'd be so excited to collaborate with you.

Dance, Yoga & Movement

One of my very favorite subjects to photograph is the human form as it moves through space and light.  I spent my childhood studying my older sister on stage.  My love of dramatic lighting and my driving desire to capture authentic gesture can be traced to those hours upon hours watching her express emotion through movement and song.  To photograph movement is to become a part of the rhythmic flow myself. I become a moving witness weaving through a performance. Please reach out if you have a project you'd like to collaborate on.


Carey is a wedding and portrait photographer based in New York City. Photography is as undoubtably her vocation as it is her spiritual guide. Her camera is a tool by which she attempts to interpret the truths that light reveals to her.