Carey MacArthur


Carey MacArthur


I'm a photographer and artist based in New York City. I remember well a moment when I was about twelve years old, when my dad passed me his camera, and vaguely showed me how to handle it. I remember looking through the lens and feeling something unnamable about the way I saw the world shift within me. I felt finally like I could show people some elusive quality of my Self that I had long struggled to express in elaborate chains of words. As if to say, here, let me just show you.  I knew from then on that I wanted to be a photographer. Photography is as undoubtably my vocation as it is my spiritual guide. My camera is a tool by which I attempt to interpret the truths that light reveals to me and to share those truths with whoever might desire to look. 


Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a calling to serve families and to preserve memories. I have long felt an urge to elevate the medium by approaching the subject matter as sacred and worthy of the highest quality of work. I started photographing weddings over ten years ago. Over time, I've developed a sense for capturing the essence, rhythm and energy of each of wedding I photograph. My goal is to capture a wedding day as it naturally unfolds. To tell a story using pictures, but without posed or artificial shots and without working from a predetermined shot list. I'm fiercely dedicated to covering all the big moments and expressive details that punctuate the day, but for me, the magic and joy of photography has always been in the surprises.  

In a lot of ways, this makes me unusual for a wedding photographer. I revel in the unexpected, in the moments and gestures that happen organically, moments that can never be predicted, but that also can never be replicated. These moments play out on the stage of a wedding day. They are small parts in a series of rituals that have been thoughtfully crafted to express the personal details of a couples' love story. 

A wedding day is meant to be a celebration. I feel that your wedding photographer should never detract from your enjoyment of your day, that the energy I bring to my work has an influence on the outcome of the images. Therefore, I make every effort to be as unobtrusive as possible when I work. For me, this also means that I almost always work alone.  It allows me to slip around unnoticed when I need to.  But it also means you and your guests develop an intimate relationship with me as the day progresses. And that intimacy translates to the sense of connection that comes through in the photographs.   


Portrait Photography

I fell back in love with photography after having lost my way for a few years. I had taken a few years off from shooting weddings, nearly a break from photography entirely. But in that mysterious, meandering way that life has of steering you down a path, despite all my efforts to the contrary, I found myself photographing a friend’s wedding.  And then another, and then another.  Picking up a camera again felt like a homecoming.  A lot changes in a few years.  My outlook on life had shifted.  Something kinda sparked in me and I realized I had the opportunity to rebuild my business from the very foundation. I took some time up to set things up how I wanted.  Then I had some down time waiting for business to pick up. I started taking pictures for anyone who asked me. It became a way to meet new and interesting people and to build a new community through my daily work.  I started to see how portrait photography can be a sustaining lifestyle.  A portrait can be like an interview, a conversation, a way of exchanging ideas.  A way to study a subject and observe what they do. It’s a powerful tool for connection and one that has me hooked.



Yoga entered my life in 2010 in the form of an aerial silk. My body responded to the pressure of the silks, and my mind surrendered to the power of gravity.  Over the following years, yoga in all its varieties became the center stone of my life healing me body and soul.  By 2014, I felt compelled to pass on the lessons in healing to others in need. Today I teach Unnata Aerial Yoga™ at Sacred Sounds in Greenwich Village. My focus is on using the breath to create a sustained meditative state for the duration of the class.

Aerial Yoga is great for students of all levels.  I'd love to see you in class :)